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IPAL TRUST: Innovation and Organizational Leadership

Original publication in Forbes Central America

Since 2014, Ipal Trust assists businesses, families, professionals, and institutional clients in their planning and wealth management needs. It also actively participates in commercial interactions that require fiduciary assistance in matters of guarantee, investment, custody and intermediation.

We believe that all of our clients deserve to receive the highest standards of care and professionalism; that there is for each one of them a suitable structure tailored to their needs. For this reason, we reject the concepts of uniform approaches, always being ready to listen to their ideas and challenge ourselves to think creatively. Through continuous innovation and transformation of our products and services, we build relationships of trust, always focused on results.

Our team studies the particular needs of each business or individual that we serve, to offer them a personalized and comprehensive advice, which allows them to take full advantage of the benefits of the trust and our services. We understand the value that it represents for everyone to invest in their personal and family well-being.

At Ipal Trust we believe in organizational leadership, in the autonomy and empowerment of each of our members and collaborators; in this way we share our goals and purposes. Our north is to make things happen for our clients, backed by a team that shares a positive vision and common goals. We internalize and enjoy everything we do, creating relationships that last through time.

We work hand in hand with individuals and families to help them understand the correct fiduciary structure to organize their wealth in an efficient way and according to the type of assets that comprise it. Unlike other patrimonial structures, the trust company as a regulated entity, is constituted as a third party that, in an orderly and impartial manner, administers the patrimony assets for the well-being of those who have been designated as beneficiaries, which represents a relief for those who grants the benefit.

In the area of ​​real estate development, the trust provides developers an attractive mechanism for their clients, which allows them to grant in advance the use and enjoyment of a real estate unit promised for sale, for the duration of the execution of the promise of sale agremeent. This occurs by granting a guarantee to the developer in the payment of the sale price of the real estate unit, but at the same time, granting the added value of the use and enjoyment to the promising buyer, while he manages to perfect the sale.

In the investment area, the trust allows foreigners to purchase real estate in the Republic of Panama and, in turn, complying with the requirements, to obtain a permanent residence to establish themselves in the country.

Joseph Salterio, a banker with more than 40 years of experience, member of the Board of Directors of Ipal Trust, expresses his enthusiasm to participate and collaborate in this work team, which combines a new vision of talent and experience, with the aim of offering innovative services and focused on customer needs, strengthening its organizational structure.

Héctor Infante Jr., General Manager of Ipal Trust, firmly believes that a key factor for the development of fiduciary services in our country is the innovation and implementation of efficient processes and technological procedures that provide security and customer satisfaction.

Regarding asset protection, Jacqueline Marxen recommends not underestimating the risks that arise from the current situation. We live in uncertain times and developing an estate plan is an individual and family responsibility, which is certainly a priority.

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