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Ipal Trust appoints new executive team

PANAMÁ - Ipal Trust Corp., a trust company established in 2014, affiliated with Infante & Pérez Almillano law firm, renews its business vision and incorporates new members to its team of professionals. This team stands out for its combination of experience, knowledge and energy, which allows us to see the complete panorama of the families or companies they represent, from a multigenerational perspective.

Among his new senior management team, is Héctor E. Infante Jr., Lawyer, General Manager of Ipal Trust, who for more than a decade has advised foreign and national companies, family offices and investors, in their matters related to Corporate Law, Financial and Estate Planning. Similarly, throughout his career, he has advised on arbitration and litigation matters, in several high-profile cases. It is distinguished by being proactive and finding innovative and effective solutions to highly complex issues.

The renowned banker Joseph Salterio, who has a history of 40 years and who turned HSBC from a small operation in Panama to the most important bank in Panama and Central America. Advisor to various presidents and well-known political figures. For more than 12 years, he was one of the 7 members of the Banking Commission of Panama, an entity that at the time was responsible for the supervision, monitoring and control of the Panamanian banking system. He is currently a member of our Board of Directors.

Lawyer Jacqueline Marxen, with more than 15 years advising local and foreign clients, mainly on issues of Real Estate Project Development, Corporate and Commercial Law, including legal issues related to the financial sector. Jacqueline began her career as a lawyer for Grupo Mundial (made up of Aseguradora Mundial, S.A., Mundial Servicios Fiduciarios, S.A., Banco Panameño de la Vivienda, S.A. and others), where she participated and advised the companies of the Group in handling claims ( public and private contracting); and in matters of surety contracts; guarantee trusts, investment, administration, payments, custody and their due execution.

Attorney Kathleen Moreno, who specializes in legal advice to the banking sector. During her career as a corporate lawyer, she was part of financial entities such as Global Bank Corporation and HSBC Bank (Panama). Throughout his career at IPAL, he has focused on the structuring, documentation and formalization of mortgage and trust loans of prestigious local and international financial entities.

For Ipal Trust clients, this renewal means having a consultancy in accordance with the high standards of impartiality, innovation, transparency and above all accessibility. In addition, having strategies that cover the entire wealth management equation, be it personal or business, from the establishment of your objectives to the structuring for tax planning.

Ipal Trust assumes its fiduciary role with legal and ethical responsibility, and this has been recognized, being highlighted as one of the companies with the best reputation in Panama, by Forbes Central America (March 2021).

About Ipal Trust Corp.

Trust company, supervised and regulated by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama, affiliate of Infante & Pérez Almillano. Since 2014, we have assisted companies, family offices and institutional clients, in their planning and wealth management needs in the medium and long term, and in commercial interactions of all kinds that require fiduciary assistance in matters of guarantee, investment, custody and intermediation.

Main services: Formation and administration of trusts, companies, foundations, and fiduciary and corporate structures, for the realization of investment projects, real estate developments, guarantee and custody, as well as for the planning and structuring of assets, inheritance, tax and corporate.


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