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Joseph Salterio

+(507) 322-2121

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Strategic Planning and Business

Marketing and Business Development

Resource Planning and Allocation

Cost/Benefit Analisis

Capital and Administration Budget

Banquer with more than 40 years of experience converting HSBC Bank (Panama) from a small operation to the most profitable bank in Panama and Central America. Served as Executive President and General Manager of HSBC (Panamá), President of HSBC Insurance, and after his retirement he remained as member of the board of directors of HSBC. Founder of Credicorp Bank and Unibank. Actually he is President of Grupo Omega, Hacienda la Romana, Hacienda la Libertad, and J S Management and Consulting.

He participated in the financial reorganization of Grupo Azury, in the Dominican Republic, Cap Cana and Punta Cana, a touristic Project of 12,000 acres. ​​


Advisor of several Presidents and members of the National Assembly. For more than a decade, he was one of the seven members of the Panama Banking Comission, entity that supervises and monitors the Panamanian Banking System.


  • Bachellor in Science at the Texas A&M University

  • Master in Banking and Finance, Cental American Banking School

  • Master in Internacional Banking  and Business Administration, Oklahoma University


  • English

  • Spanish

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