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A properly organized fiduciary structure as a channeling vehicle and administrator of money flows, is one of the most efficient methods in terms of economic and legal security for investment and development projects.


Whether it is in stock investments, in productive companies or in project development, IPAL Trust assists you in finding the best combination of solutions aimed at maximizing the expected return, preserving the integrity of the invested assets against fraud or precarious administrative procedures, and trying to obtain the lowest possible tax exposure.

Investment Trust

Through an Investment Trust, the Trust Company receives from one or more settlors and registers as autonomous patrimony, either money, securities and/or any other productive, present and/or future assets, with the instruction to manage them according to well-defined investment policies, to obtain certain returns, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Trust Agreement.

The trust is not an exclusive instrument for individuals or businesses with large capital, it also has application in transactions as simple as an asset sale, where the trust company acts as an intermediary for the formalization and transfer of the asset and the sale price.

Development and Real Estate Investment Trust

It pursues the development of real estate projects through the integration of the participants (land owners, developers, builders, architects, real estate companies, etc.), providing security and confidence through the prior definition of the conditions related to construction, administration, the way in which investors will participate in the trust, their rights and obligations and the destination of the resulting assets, once their purpose has been fulfilled.

Thanks to this figure, the project acquires added value, since it offers protection to buyers in relation to the administration of assets and flows, thanks to the creation of an autonomous patrimony, separated from the patrimony of all the parties involved, which makes it attractive for the purpose of obtaining bank financing.

Real Estate Development and Investment Company

The Trust may constitute the legal basis for the creation of Real Estate Development and Investment Companies, which are those established under Law 8 of 2010, regulated by Executive Decree 199 of June 23, 2014, and whose purpose is to obtain money from investors through the issuance and sale of their participation quotas, in order to invest and negotiate either directly or through subsidiaries, in real estate, titles representing rights over real estate or the real estate development and administration business in the Republic of Panama.

It is a real estate investment vehicle that is comparable to a mutual fund, it must be registered with the Securities Regulator (the Superintendency of the Securities Market) and is subject to special local legislation on securities. It enables both small and large investors to acquire indirect ownership in real estate management companies, benefiting from special tax considerations and high dividend yields.

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