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IPAL Trust structures and manages the “Escrow” or “Escrow Agreement” as a guarantee and payment vehicle in commercial transactions, such as the purchase of real estate or shareholdings, and in the merger and acquisition of companies.

The fiduciary relationship in which IPAL Trust, as an impartial third party chosen by the parties, exercises, as Escrow Agent, the custody and eventual management of the assets deposited in Escrow, ensures that the assets are managed and distributed as indicated in the contract.



Our trust company offers the ability to structure financing through Asset Securitization, a process by which, through a Trust, assets that exist or are expected to exist, capable of generating future cash flows or economic content rights are integrated.

Hereby, securities that can be freely placed and traded on any stock market are issued, transforming illiquid or difficult-to-negotiate assets into freely negotiable securities on the Stock Market.

The trust thus constituted supports the respective issuance of securities, therefore investors may only pursue the recognition and fulfillment of the provision of their rights in the assets of the exclusive purpose patrimony, but not in the assets of the Trust, which are managed by IPAL Trust as Trust company and Managing Agent.

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