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The guarantee trust offers a more efficient alternative, in time and cost, than traditional guarantees in all types of financial transactions such as pledges or mortgages, especially in businesses such as:

  • Home loans

  • Loans for car acquisition

  • Interim construction loans

  • Credit lines

The holding of the asset given as guarantee for a loan in the hands of the independent trust company, regulated and supervised by the Superintendency of Banks, ensures first of all that said asset will be managed autonomously and professionally in strict adherence to the provisions of the Trust and, not least, that upon termination of the contractual relationship the delivery or settlement of said asset will be given to whoever corresponds promptly and expedited, without having to submit to the long, onerous and cumbersome judicial process of execution before the courts.

Our fiduciary team offers the necessary organization to structure trusts that meet the client's objectives, facilitating the holding, administration and/or custody of all kinds of assets given as guarantee, the correct execution of obligations, and the quick return or execution of the guarantees.

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